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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hulk Pc Game Highly Compressed 160mb Only


The first level is a dream scene where you play as Hulk to fight the army at a Gas Stetson  in the desert. When Bruce wakes up from this dream, he sees that Dr.Crawford has created a gamma orb, capable of curing him from The Hulk.
Sadly, the army has been told to retrieve the orb, so Banner allows Crawford to use the orb. This, sadly, was a bad mistake as Crawford has used the orb to give himself the Hulk's immense power. Wen Crawford touches the orb, it transforms Crawford into the beast known as Ravage. Luckily for Bruce, he also transforms into the Hulk at the same time. 
He then chases Ravage on a rooftop pursuit, which then leads to the sewers aswell. Suddenly, a vampire called Half-Life finds Hulk and fight him. After defeating Half-Life, he tells him that Ravage is at Alcatraz, but must stay as Banner to avoid being caught. 
After infiltrating Alcatraz, Banner discovers that Leader is using it as a secret base, he is also using gamma radiation to turn normal soldiers into gamma-powered super soldiers and that Madman has Betty. Bruce then rapidly turns into the Hulk and fights Madman, hand to hand. 

Hulk then defeats Madman and gets told that Betty has been poisoned by gamma-radiation. He races to the military and then passes the force-field and cures Betty. Then, Hulk fights through the defences and sees Ravage. He fights Ravage and defeats him, making him turn back into Crawford. Hulk then goes to the Leader. 
Leader uses the orb to turn Hulk to Banner, curing Hulk. Banner then retrieves the orb and says that Hulk is his curse, he must have Hulk. He fights Leader, but Leader teleports away aftter the butte  is over. He then battles Madman again and teleports away, the day saved, for now.
In the end, Crawford attempts to, but fails at making a second Gamma Orb to re-cure Bruce. Banner is shown walking on a highway, Hulk as his shadow. 

The gameplay is a series of missions that will be played as either Hulk, Bruce Banner or both. Missions will include brawls, stealth missions and of course, boss battles. Several review, however, has said that Hulk levels are fun and enjoyable, but the levels playing as Banner is very long and non-exiting. 

  • This is the first out of 3 games in a row to have a cure for Hulk made. Hulk has a gamma orb, Ultimate Destruction has a machine and The Incredible Hulk has a serum for a cure.The game isn't based on the movie, but a whole new plot altogether to possibly provide more action then the movie's plot.
  • Out of those 3 games, this is the only one not to factual Abomination.
  • Suprisingly, the man who made the gamma orb for a gamma radiation cure had also used his own invention to give him immense power, like the Hulk's power.The creation of Ravage is similar to Abomination because both had been created with the Hulk's power, but unlike Abomination, Ravage is able to turn back into a human.

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