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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

No One Lives Forever .Iso

Sometime in the 1960s, Cate Archer is the only female agent in the service of U.N.I.T.Y., a worldwide secret agency. Having been relegated to menial tasks over the years, Archer is finally given a chance to prove herself when a terrorist organization called H.A.R.M. starts to knock off active field agents. Under the qualification of "being available" as a trained agent, Cate is finally given the authority to track down and investigate these H.A.R.M. activities. In missions around the globe, Agent Archer will find herself sniping assassins, stealing documents, and doing a host of other suitably sneaky, but often deadly espionage tasks. 

No Ones Lives Forever is a 1st person shooter/sneaker that focuses on remaining undetected and obtaining intelligence data. Combining elements of James Bond (including Rare's Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark), Thief and Deus Ex, Cate will need use her weaponry and gadgets to get the drop on enemy agents. Among the gadgets available are photographic sunglasses, a lockpicking barrette, Body Remover (tm) powder, a cigarette lighter which can be used for wielding, lipstick explosives and a robotic poodle (for distracting guard dogs). 

Emphasizing sneakiness, the game not only gives extra points for not being seen, but also pulls tricks like alarms that cannot be shut off and guards that don't return to their docile ways once alerted to your presence. The AI does interesting things, such as knocking tables over and ducking for cover. But, at least on the lower difficulty levels, the game is willing to play with your aggressions and those who prefer shooting first and asking questions later can often gleefully blaze through the levels like a continuous action scene from a Bond flick. However while the mission will get completed, Agent Archer will relieve a lower score for taking the non-subtle approach. 

The game has the feel of the 1960's all over it and it shows through the artwork and the music, which are both very much in character with the period, from the loud outfits to the beatnik rythmn in the bars. In a homage to the old 60's spy movies and series, there are plenty of surprises, shootouts, close calls, memorable villains, and over-the-top action scenes. 
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